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Bella Square: Chapter 1 - A New Trace

Chapter 1 - A New Trace


"This is Hillary Eichner from Sim Broadcasting Network, sending live from Strangetown."

Harriet Vanger

"The mystery of Bella Goth's disappearance might be solved. Today the local police found her at the Silver Rocket Service Station. She doesn't seem to remember anything or anybody. She went missing a couple of years ago and was presumed to have been abducted by aliens or murdered...

Klara turned off the TV. Malcolm was speechless.

"Impossible", he said.


"It's obviously a doppelgänger", Klara said skeptically.


"So, what should we do?", William asked


"Call the Mole" Malcolm said, "This is serious business."


William and Frances nodded and walked towards the door.


"By the way, nice plant you got there Mr Landgraab", William commented.

Looking chill and stuff

"Why thank you", Malcolm said. "I got it from my daughter."

The Couple II

"I'm not surprised", William smiled. "I better go make that call now..."

Cassie walk


"Hi honey!" Cassandra said and waved to him.

Kiss on cheek

"Hi baby", Darren replied and gave her a kiss on the cheek, "Oh, have you met Allegra yet? She's my new assistant."

"That's great", Cassandra said, not looking at Allegra.

"So is it true? They found your mother?" Darren asked curiously.

"They are not sure about it yet", Cassandra replied. "So they want me and dad to go to Strangetown tomorrow and identify her."

Allegra curious

"I know it's our anniversary, but I really have to see her. Hopefully my boss will give me the day off, but he's been acting so strange lately..."

Darren sad

"It's okay", Darren said, trying not to show how hurt he was. "The dinner reservations can be cancelled..."

"I'm really sorry", Cassandra said. "We will celebrate some other day."

Cassie hugs Darren

"I have to go home and pack", Cassandra said and hugged Darren. "Call me tomorrow."

Cassie leaves


Mortimer feed fish

"You are really going there, aren't you?", Dina said.

"Well it's my wife, I have to...", Mortimer replied.

Dina talks

"You know Mortimer", Dina said and tried not to sound rude. "I'm your wife too."

Mortimer & Dina hug

"Dina, I'm not leaving you because my other wife shows up. I just want some closure, do you know what I mean?" Mortimer said.

"I suppose so", Dina said and tried to smile. "Can I go with you?"

"No, stay here", Mortimer replied. "Servenco will take care of you."

Mortimer leaves

"I have to finish packing now." Mortimer said and left the room.

Servenco talks

"Are you all right Mrs Goth?" Servenco asked.

"You can start calling me Miss Caliente. He's not going to stay with me if Bella is back."

Servenco talks II

"You shouldn't worry Mrs Goth", Servenco said and sat down in the couch. "Mr Goth wouldn't have married you if he didn't love you."

Dina less sad

"He's her soulmate, Servenco", Dina replied. "Don't be surprised when he leaves me for her."

"Oh for God's sakes, NOT AGAIN!" Sharon yelled when John's cellphone rang.

John answers

"Mole", John answered. "Yes, I can fix that. I'll leave tomorrow."

Allegra searching


Allegra found something


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This is a really nice start to a story! :) I like how you're bringing the Maxis characters together, and can't wait to see how the mystery of Bella's disappearance is solved. I love Malcolm Landgraab's outfit. It seems very befitting to his character, haha. Also, the little details in the last shots of Allegra are really cleverly done. I never would have thought to take off a sim's makeup for shots in their home, and I think it adds a lot to the scene, despite being such a small thing. The expression on her face in the last shot is fantastic. Can't wait to find out what she's reading!! :)

Thank you! :D
Yes, I really like Malcolm's outfit too, it's inspired from the outfit he wears in The Sims Bustin Out.

This is intriguing! I came by a while ago but didn't get a chance to read it all. All I remember was that I thought Malcolm's Bustin Out outfit was hilarious! Glad I found it again. I love the characters you're using. ^_^

You had me at "Servenco"!

LOVE the makeovers you've done especially Malcolm's outfit!

Yeah, my girlfriend made up the name :3
Thank you! :D

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! :D
More is coming soon ;)

(Deleted comment)
I'm basically done with the next chapter so I think it'll be up tomorrow. Thank you! :D

This is a great start. I love the mix of sims you have in here. I'll be following! :)

I just found this story and I'm instantly hooked. I love how you have all the maxis made Sims in the story and btw Malcolm's outfit is SOOOOOO him. That's just how I always pictured him.

U-uh Bella is back! I wonder what will Dina do. And I'm glad to see Cassandra&Darren together. Good job. ^_^

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